Yoga Therapy 101

April 3, 10, 17, 24 - 1:00-3:00PM
$345 for all 4 Sessions or $95 individual

Join yoga therapist, Jennifer Carrerra in this four part series to learn all about yoga therapy. What is yoga therapy? How is this different from regular yoga? This workshop is open to any body and yoga experience is not required.


In this four part series you will learn about the essence of the Integrative Yoga Therapy approach, and begin to embody these ancient and modern techniques through education, breath-work, energy, movement and meditation practices.

Module 1: Intro to Integrative Yoga Therapy: April 3rd
Exploring the physical body

Learn the basic frame work for yoga therapy, and how we will apply it to our four week series. We will start the series by exploring and increasing awareness of the physical body through somatic movement, breath work, affirmations, journaling, and body based meditation. Connect with the physical layer of your being, and become more embodied and at home within yourself.

Module 2: Transforming through breath: April 10th
Exploring the energy body

Learn the basics and mechanics of breath, and how we can use the breath as a vehicle to move energy through the body. We will explore pranayama (breathwork), mudras/energy practices, movement and affirmations, to dive deeper into the subtle part of ourselves.

Module 3: Welcoming and transforming thoughts and emotions: April 17th
Exploring the psycho-emotional body

Explore movement and breath as a bridge linking body and mind, as a means to move towards accepting and transforming thoughts and feelings with more ease. We will explore yogic techniques such as pranayama, movement, yoga nidra meditation, reflective journaling and affirmations, as a vehicle of self study: to recognize, acknowledge, and then release and transform.

Module 4: Finding your inner smile: April 24th
Exploring the bliss body

Integrate practices from the first three modules, combining movement, breath-work, meditation, affirmations and mandala drawing to connect with your inner smile - an inherent joy that resides within.