2023 Meditation Teacher Training

Have you always wanted to deepen your understanding of meditation and possibly even teach this ancient practice?

This 200-hour comprehensive course will provide you with the most well rounded foundation to begin your journey and successfully teach. Our program offers continuing education through Yoga Alliance and was created to set a new standard in the meditation industry. It was designed to collaborate with industry leaders and experts to provide you with the most authentic experience. All of our training sessions are personalized in a hands on, in person, group setting.

Space is limited to 16 people for optimal learning.

5-Month Program

Our 2023 schedule is as follows:
  • February 24-26
  • March 3-5, 24-26
  • April 14-16, 28-30
  • May 12-14
  • June 2-4, 9-11
  • All Friday meeting times: 6-9pm
  • All Saturday & Sunday meeting times: 8am-4:00pm


-   Attend at least 5 Meditation Classes at Breathe
-   Have a meditation practice of at least 6-Months
-   A letter of recommendation from a mentor or meditation teacher


This program is designed for anyone and everyone who is curious about the depths of meditation and the self. It was initially created for those that would like to become meditation guides and over the years has become a vessel for those looking for a spiritual transformation. 

The course has three primary teachers and seven guests teachers. You will have access to twenty-one different meditation traditions and techniques, learn and discover eight breathing practices, dive deep into understanding energy and the ways in which it can heal, and more. We blend the ancient Eastern wisdom with the medical Western approach to enhance your wealth of knowledge. 

This course is a spiritual dive into the heart of meditation. No two trainings are ever alike. Each one is tailored to fit its group. Take the plunge with us and read what people are saying!


  • 21 different styles of meditation
  • History, purpose & philosophy
  • 8 Breathing techniques and their benefits
  • In Depth of Elements
  • Explore the energetic and esoteric side
  • Scientiļ¬c Research
  • Purpose and Frequency
  • Energy Work
  • How to Teach
  • Personal Practice
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Business of Meditation
  • and lots more

“At the risk of sounding hokey, Meditation Teacher Training changed my life for the better. I had reached a plateau in my yoga teaching and daily practice, and was looking for additional training to grow my practice to a higher level. I didn’t feel learning additional poses through an RYT-500 training was the right route for me. I felt mindfulness in my practice and formal meditation training was what lacked in my offering, so was grateful to participate in Chelsey’s Meditation Teacher Training. 

I really liked the exposure to so many different styles of meditation and the opportunity to develop and grow my daily practice. Chelsey brought the right group of classmates together and created a safe and nurturing environment for us to learn and grow. The curriculum exceeded my expectations and has inspired me to continue as a lifelong student of mindfulness and meditation.

Through a daily meditation practice, I have trained my mind to relax and recover. I sleep throughout the night and wake feeling rested. My thoughts are clearer, my work more productive, and I am able to focus my attention for longer periods of time. Because of meditation, I am more in-tune with my body, able to identify stress triggers,  and alter my physiology to overcome ailments and obstacles.

I am honored to be part of Chelsey’s mission to bring healing and enlightenment to those interested in opening up their hearts and minds to a healthier way of living!”

- Todd Eich

“I first met Chelsey in late 2016 for my first meditation class and I was immediately hooked to the practice.  I have attended many guided meditation classes and workshops that Chelsey has led and I truly enjoyed every experience I have had with her.  I have personally been positively impacted by a daily mediation practice and I have been reading as much as I could on the subject since they day I started practicing. 

I did not have a personal interest in being an instructor but I was very interested in learning as much as I could about meditation so when Chelsey called to see if I would be interested in a meditation teacher training program, I said yes without hesitation.  I knew that Chelsey is probably the only person that could deliver a comprehensive deep dive training into “all things mediation” so I gave it a shot.  I was completely blown away by the training tools she prepared and curriculum of her course.

It was not only a comprehensive (she is extremely educated in the subject of mediation) learning course but it was a very interactive training, the subject matter flow was well thought out and it was executed in a fun, collaborative style. 

Chelsey has a unique way of “commanding” an audience in her meditation classes and this approach seamlessly translated into her training style with her students.  She is truly a caring person that wants to share her mediation knowledge and experience with others and her enthusiasm is contagious.   It also helps that she is very understanding on the time commitment required for the training and will work with her students that need some flexibility so the course is accessible to anyone!

I also personally saw students walk into the class day one not really knowing anything about mediation, leave the class being transformed into well polished meditation instructors.  It was incredible for me to personally witness.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning or expanding their knowledge on the subject of meditation.  The course and my fellow classmates (now friends) created an experience I will never forget!”

- Jennifer Moulaison

“Chelsey, humble and grateful is my heart. Our teacher training has truly been the most transformative experience of my life to date. So many truths, releases, awakenings occurred over the course that to this day I am still adjusting to the new and improved me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of an amazing family of like minded healers. I knew our class would be special, I just had no comprehension of just how special! My sincere wish for you is continual spreading of the work you are destined to expand and share with everyone. Your gift is love and your purpose is to share it. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

- Tomorrow Leigh

“This meditation teacher training has transformed my own life, my families life and the people that I interact with. It has been an experience that has been so powerful. Chelsey exudes wisdom, strength and truly an unconditional love that has been vital in such a transformative process. I learned so much.Thank you.”

- Brianna Webb

“The Meditation Teacher Training was life changing for me. I really feel this experience transforms oneself and opens up a space that allows deeper perspective and insight. My love for mindfulness and self care expanded and I now have the tools I need to teach a community that desperately needs more love.”

- Veronica Torres

“With only personal experience in meditation – I ventured to the meditation teacher training hoping to gain personal enrichment and see if I was destined to teach something I was already so passionate about. The experience was challenging and so interesting. I learned so much more than I ever thought I even wanted to know. Chelsey is a great teacher and you will meet some really intriguing and special people along your journey. You will learn so much about yourself. You will grow and evolve. You will learn to appreciate every part of yourself. What a beautiful gift to share with others.”

- Nikki Greer

“I absolutely adore Chelsey!  Her knowledge and expertise in this arena is far beyond her years on this planet.  Chelsey just has a way of wording things so that every day people can grasp the context of the material in the course.  I searched high and low before I saw her instructor training program appear and I immediately knew she was the person I wanted to have as a mentor.  Be ready for some intense personal growth and enlightening from day one.  Go in with an open heart, mind and be willing to share your stories when you feel it’s appropriate for you.  It is a lot of dedicated time on your calendar.  This training is definitely one of the best investments I have ever made for myself and my family.  Chelsey genuinely wants to share her knowledge to all that are willing to learn, so that they too will go and share what they have learned. My take aways were: exceeded my expectations, I left with a new family, a new level of personal confidence, my practice is stronger and I feel like I am living authentically, I am supported by my community, and Chelsey is a lifelong friend and mentor.”

- Sha Roehm

“This program offers the most comprehensive meditation teacher training program in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Chelsey impactful delivery and thoughtful approach to meditation is both experientially and scientifically supported, sharing the world of meditation from an understandable platform.

You will receive teaching from a multitude of guest educators based in Dallas that are all unique in their meditation specialty style, and of which are deeply rooted in their knowledge of the material covered.

Expect to make new friends, discover untapped depths within yourself, expand your understanding and knowledge of meditation both in the Eastern and Western traditions, and leave with a new sense of self in the world, along with a toolbox full of modalities to aid in your teaching or personal practice.”

- Trai Cox

“This program was absolutely life changing. I am so grateful for the time and individuals I learned from. If you are looking for a life changing, profoundly healing, heart opening experience - it’s right here. Chelsey and Todd are a perfect balance of exploration, learning and soul healing.”

- Molly Loudin

“This program is for the person that wants to be an expert in the field of meditation and dive deep. Over the five months you will transform emotionally and physically in ways that you could never imagine. The wisdom and techniques you learn will help you become the absolute best version of yourself and best in the field. There is no other program like this.”

- Megan Dennen

“This program was the miracle I didn’t know I needed. Although I had a very stable and strong yoga practice, stillness terrified me. My own thoughts and stories intimidated me. I am forever grateful for my intuition & husband that encouraged me, that led me here. It changed my life. I am now living heart forward!”

- Katie Tull

“There is no exaggeration when I say that this course has literally changed my life, from the inside out. In addition to learning a multitude of meditation tools through experience, we learned practical methods for making them applicable and relatable to students in a classroom setting. The course is very detailed, well-organized, and delivered with so much heart. Learning from textbooks or online has its value but does not compare to learning on an experiential level, in person, what it means to walk the talk - Chelsey and her fellow teachers, teach not only through intellectual means but also by living example. No words could ever express the depth of love and gratitude I have for this program and its teachers.”

- Maria Coward

“Words cannot describe what a lasting impact you have made on my life and my journey. The only way I can think to repay you is by sharing this beautiful gift of meditation with anyone who will listen, so they too can find the light and healing within making this world just a little bit brighter. I love you forever and ever, in this lifetime and the next.”

- Emily Oritz