Top 5 Secrets to Relationship Success

Sunday, September 26th, 1:00-2:30PM



This class is for anyone who wants to improve communication and decrease conflict in their relationships at home, at work, and/or in romance! Whether you are married or single, gay or straight, dating or not even interested in dating...this masterclass will provide much illumination on your most important relationships!

In this 90-minute Masterclass, you will explore these common relationship conflicts:

  •      - How to tell when your partner wants to connect or needs to be left alone!
         - How a man decides if a relationship (or anything else) is “worth it”.
         - How to bring out the best aspects of a woman with the six dimensions of safety (yes, six!).
  •      - Learn why some people conceal while others reveal way too much.
  •      - How to stop disrespecting your partner!
  •      - How to deepen the connection in your relationship.
  •      - And more...

  • Bring your partner, invite your friends, and buckle your seat belt for a fun ride into the land of relationships. A unique opportunity to learn from Barbara Cole Salmeron, Relationship Masterclass Facilitator, Coach and upcoming author of the Relationship Harmony book series.
    Space is limited and registration is required.

    About your facilitator:
    Relationship Illumination Expert Barbara Cole Salmeron helps men and women decode the mysteries of the opposite sex so they can heal their relationship conflicts. After going from hot mess to happily ever after, Barbara uses her experience and expertise to decode human behavior and help others rock their relationships at home, at work, and in romance!
    She is the creator of the Relationship Harmony Masterclass Series, helping men and women to TRANSFORM the battle of the sexes into peaceful and productive partnerships! These concepts and teachings are penned in her forthcoming Relationship Harmony book series, serving her worldwide mission of teaching others to achieve peace in their partnerships.
    As a certified and licensed expert in human empowerment, Barbara has helped thousands of men and women overcome turmoil in their relationships. With her social media following of over 20,000 people and growing, she regularly provides illuminating tips for all types of relationships!