The Secrets of Subtle Energy

Friday, December 10th, 6:30-8:00PM



Join master teachers Chelsey Charbeneau and Brenton Harris for an evening of energy and magic! Have you ever wanted to tap in to the more subtle energy of life or connect in a deeper way with yourself, others or this world?

All of life, everywhere, is made up of energy. From brain signals, to electricity, to the change of seasons. Everything within us and around us is pulsing and vibrating, everything is and has energy. It can be measured, seen and felt. All of life is influenced and sustained by the flow of energy. When that energy flows together in a way that creates life, we call it consciousness, chi, life force, and/or prana. 

In this workshop, we will explore the way this energy moves through mind and body, and the ways you can deepen awareness of your own energy patterns. You will be guided into progressively deeper states of awareness, experiencing the body’s energy field through sound, auras, elements, and breath. And you’ll leave with not only a deeper sense of balance and connection to your own subtle energy, but also tools and practices for continuing your energy work at home. 

Friday, December 10th, 6:30 - 8:00PM