Meet Jenn


Born and raised in New York, Breathe co-founder Jenn Moulaison spent more than two decades in the luxury fashion industry, managing finance and operations for Chanel, Inc. and, most recently, Dallas-based retailer Forty Five Ten. Her dedicated fitness routine brought some measure of balance to the industry’s high stress level and unrelenting pace, but ultimately only upped the pressure to perform and did little to nurture inner calm.

Like many of us, Jenn had heard about the benefits of meditation and wondered if it might work for her. But, like many of us, she was always “too busy” to give the practice a consistent chance. That changed in 2016, when a friend persuaded her to attend her first formal mindfulness class. The instructor—Chelsey Charbeneau—was knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. Something clicked. Jenn went back the next day, and the one after that. Within a few months, she was meditating daily and enrolling in workshops and training sessions. Within a year, she’d left the fashion industry behind and partnered with Chelsey to begin to realize the dream of Breathe. Jenn completed her 300-hour meditation teacher training in spring 2018.

“The practice of mediation has brought me so much,” says Jenn, “anxiety relief, a sense of peace, an appreciation for ‘the here and now,’ and a meaningful understanding of the true mind-body connection. Being able to share the rewards with others makes it all the more meaningful.”

Jenn is a breast cancer survivor as of October 2019.