Tantra for Women

Friday, January 22nd, 6:30-8:00pm

Join tantric teachers Douchka Lecot and Satsanga for an incredible evening of revealing the inner woman. This tantric introduction is taught by women for woman and will help you to discover what your inner feminine wants and how to live by this. Tap into your divine essence and allow yourself to be guided. Spacing is limited.

The Feminine Way of Love - Tantra for Women

This is an introduction to Tantra from woman to woman. Our 'Inner Woman' is being revealed. What she wants and cherishes is often quite different from how we live and perform in our everyday lives. We have acquired male ways to cope in a predominantly male world. While this gives us plenty of opportunities to explore the world and celebrate our independence, it also depletes us. Our heart is no longer nourished and we are stripped of our innate female power. When we stay too long in the male polarity we exhaust ourselves and limit our creative abilities. 

Women naturally and easily connect to the heart. The feminine thrives on meditation and relaxation, she blossoms when she is rooted in her feelings and guided by her sense of intuition. In her sex-life she is not per se genital oriented - her whole body is an instrument of joy and pleasure. By her very nature she is able to receive positive and arousing sensations from all parts of her body as well as from her feelings and her heart.

In this workshop we are using meditations, tantric practices, sharing, healing tools and tender touch to support us in returning to our true female nature. A safe and caring container is created which supports you in exploring yourself amongst a sisterhood of women on your quest to become loving and powerful - in a female way.

Facilitators: Douchka & Satsanga

Cost: $55


Tantric Teacher

Satsanga has been traveling the world facilitating workshops, trainings and events on 'Inner Man, Inner Woman' and 'Tantra'. She has developed her own method of working with the Shadow called 'Embrace your Darkness - Step into the Light'. Videos on her method can be viewed and followed on Youtube as well as on her professional Facebook page 'Flowering - Tools of Love and Growth'.  She is also a certified Trainer for the Teacher-Training of facilitating Osho Meditations called 'Osho Meditation in Depth& Facilitating'. Since a number of years Satsanga has been facilitating 'Vipassana Retreats' throughout the world.

Satsanga has lived and traveled in India for many years experiencing and teaching meditation. She loves opening new doors, finding hidden truths and forgotten feelings and exploring life on a deeper level with the men and women that come to her workshops. 

Douchka Lecot has been experiencing and teaching Tantra along with meditation, yoga and Ayurveda for the past 17 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth Community. Her teachings have been inspired by the work of Daniel Odier, Psalm Isadora, Christopher Wallis and the Indian Mystic Osho. Her passion and curiosity for life brings authenticity and inspiring joy to her sharing. She is the visionary founder of Yana Shala, a school and community providing a dynamic platform of ever-evolving tools and modalities catered to the individual life journey. Yana Shala is offering yearly a 9-month program certified with Yoga Alliance. This educational and experiential training provides transformational tools for life with a focus on self-exploration, self-care, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and tantric methods. 

Having grown up on the Spanish Island of Ibiza shaped Douchka as a free spirit and gave her a different perspective on life and how to relate with it. Carrying this natural approach to existence in her essence, gives her teachings a down-to earth feel. Participants thus find it easy to play with and apply her tools – integrating a new flavor and a free spirit to their own lives.