Shamanic Journey- Healing Practices through Plants, Sound, and Energy ‚Äč

Saturday, June 8th, 6:00-8:30PM


Shamanic Journey
Healing Practices through Plants, Sound, and Energy

Back by popular demand! If you have been missing our Shamanic Journey, now is your chance. Experience the Healing Practices through Plants, Sound, and Energy! Join us for our Shamanic Journey with indigenous plant medicine practitioner, healer, guide and teacher, Juan Zambrano. This is the first of its kind in Dallas with ritual practices in Hape', sound magic, and energy healing. We will bring forward the spirit of the Hawk medicine as Juan gives individual energetic cleansings through the use of ancient shamanic tools and modalities.
This ceremonial workshop will include use of: Hape' which is an herbal snuff blended from tobacco leaves, herbs, and tree ash. It's benefits include: cleansing the body and spirit, heightening awareness and senses, bringing you back to presence. We will move into a journey through a sound bath with the integration of a shamanic drumming. Drumming creates a powerful state of presence, which induces a range of ecstatic trance states, and is one of the oldest practices of humankind.

Juan has been a practitioner of indigenous plant medicine for the last 10 years. He frequently travels to Peru to work and study with his teachers who include Tabaqueros (Master Tobacco Teachers), Ayahuasqueros (Ayahuasca Shamans), and Curanderos (Healers). Juan is also a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, as well as a yoga and meditation teacher.

Join us as we deepen our relationship with the spirit in all thing and allow for transformation and connection. Space is limited so reserve your spot now. *** Hape' is optional for this shamanic journey. Also, if you wear contacts, please bring a case and solution for the Sananga offering.


Saturday, June 8th