Life Coaching

60 minutes / $150

Here at Breathe we believe in whole wellness and offer an array of services to help improve your life overall. Welcome to Life Coaching at Breathe! A life coach is someone who counsels and guides clients through many different situations and areas of their life, offering support, clarity and guidance. During a life coaching session, clients can expect a structured and supportive environment aimed at helping them achieve personal or professional goals.

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Life coaching is a transformative journey that guides individuals towards unlocking their fullest potential and achieving their personal goals. It is a collaborative partnership between a skilled coach and a client, centered around empowering the client to make positive and lasting changes in various aspects of their life.

A life coach serves as a supportive ally, providing a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their desires, values, and aspirations. Through active listening, thought-provoking questions, and insightful observations, the coach helps clients gain clarity, identify obstacles, and develop effective strategies to overcome challenges.

Life coaching delves into all areas of life, including relationships, career, personal growth, health, and overall well-being. It encourages individuals to define their vision, set meaningful goals, and take actionable steps towards manifesting their dreams. Coaches help clients tap into their inner strengths, talents, and resources, fostering self-awareness, confidence, and resilience along the way.

With the guidance of a life coach, clients cultivate a growth mindset, break free from limiting beliefs, and develop empowering habits. They learn to prioritize self-care, manage stress, and balance various life domains, leading to greater fulfillment, happiness, and overall success. It is a transformative and enriching process that empowers individuals to create meaningful change, unlock their true potential, and live their best lives.


  1. One of the key advantages of life coaching is the guidance and support it provides in helping you define and pursue your goals, both personally and professionally

  2. Through structured sessions, you are able to gain self-awareness, discover your strengths, and develop a clear vision for the future.

  3. You are able to find solutions and strategies that make a lasting success

  4. The accountability and motivation provided by your life coach helps to ensure that you stay commited to your aspirations and foster consistent growth and progress


" I am a multifaceted professional dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses on their journeys to success and fulfillment. As a life coach, I provide guidance and support to help individuals unlock their full potential, overcome obstacles, and lead more purposeful lives. As a business coach, I leverage my expertise to drive growth and innovation for companies, offering strategic insights and solutions. I believe that life coaching is a collaborative process, and the focus is on your personal growth and development. It's a space for self discovery and positive change and I am here to support and assist you on your journey!"

Nicole is a licensed professional counselor, Zumba/Tribal dance instructor as well as Life Coach. She is an author and copywriter for Billy Carson as well as a retreat leader. She has worked as a relationship/couples coach at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters and has been featured on Fox Radio. When Nicole is not coaching and guiding you can find her spending time with her beautiful family.