Intuitive Readings

60mins/$195 (includes gratuity)

Intuitive readings are a personalized soul reading that will help guide you along your path. This is a great self-discovery tool that will provide a broader perspective and offer you insight. Each reading is tailored to help you where you need it most and offer you answers and guidance.



Your session will begin with an energetic clearing and healing. Each reading will start with a three card spread to look at your past, present and future. If you have any questions or are looking for clarity regarding a certain situation you may share these at the beginning. Your intuitive reader will work with your spirit guides, angels and ancestors as well as look at your time line and health.

Areas of life addressed: health, relationships, partners, business, family, financial concerns, work related situations, life path and purpose, past life, ancestors, spirit guides, pets and more. 

Afterwards, you will go over the reading, reexamine the cards and have a better direction for the next steps in your life. Each reading is tailored to you. Feel free to take notes and/or record. Leave feeling lighter, more connected and ready!


  • Clears cords and energetic blockages
  • Realigns you with your highest self
  • Brings clarity and understanding
  • Realigns you with your divine path
  • Deepens your connection with all aspects of yourself
  • Visibility to blindspots