Energetic Bodywork

60 minutes / $195 (includes gratuity)


A Meridian Balancing session can be likened to a combination of Reiki healing and needle-less acupuncture. Like a deep-tissue massage for your energy field, this treatment turns down the volume on the energetic noise running through your mind and body. When stress and anxiety persist, they form a kind of congestion in your energy pathways (called meridians), that then inhibit your capacity for health and vitality. Ideal for people experiencing elevated stress, anxiety, or emotional/energetic imbalance, this method balances the elements within your body and opens the channels through which they travel.

This technique involves a practitioner lightly holding a series of points on the feet, hands, elbows, and knees, in a specific sequence that brings equilibrium to the body’s energy meridians. In the process, excess energy (often called chi or qi) is released and redistributed, balanced by a movement of the practitioner’s hands above the body. An individual  Meridian Balancing session is approximately 45 minutes, and it’s recommended that you both drink plenty of water after the treatment.

Individual Session: $195

Deep Balance Package: $250

  •    - Includes 15-min Crystal Bed Therapy warm-up session
  •    - 45-min Meridian Balancing session
  •    - Ear Seed kit (applied after treatment)


  • Reduces anxiety, stress, and tension in the body
  • Relieves energetic and emotional blockages
  • Soothes and quiets the body’s fight-or-flight system
  • Improved immune system and organ function
  • Removes energetic pollution, toxins, and excess “noise” in the subtle body
  • Reduces background pain stuck in the body’s circuits
  • Opens the flow of energy and chi in the body