Sacred Breathwork + Sound

Saturday, December 17th, 1:00-3:00PM



Join Sallie Baxter for this transformative journey inward for you to reconnect with your authentic self and have inner peace to revitalize you. Breathwork is a bit mysterious and magical, so you never know what insights you’ll walk away
with. After breathwork, the invitation is to listen to any insights your body or breath bring you and to absorb these insights into your present. This may include shedding limiting beliefs or feelings into a new energy or power within and channeling that energy for change.

This workshop centers around breathwork using the sacred breath method, and you may experience a range of sensations, tingling, or tetany (tensing) in the hands and jaw. With the sacred breath method, we are journeying deep into your self, so emotions may surface that
need to be expressed. This method encourages your full release of stuck energy or emotions through breath, sound, and movement, so you may find yourself yelling, laughing, screaming or dancing and flowing to the rhythm of your breath and body.

 This specific type of practice is nervous system driven and encourages flow over force. You will connect deeply to your body and guided in a way to help you move through stuck energy. The session will conclude with a sound bath and meditation to help you reach a deep state of relaxation.

Saturday, December 17th