Radiant Renewal Retreat

Saturday, April 27th, 9:00-5:00PM


Radiant Renewal Retreat

It’s time for a reset of renewal and step into the greatest version of you!

Step into a realm of self-discovery and empowerment at the Radiant Renewal Retreat, an immersive experience crafted for women seeking a profound journey of transformation with teacher and guide, Jessica Stepnowski. Nestled in Dallas, TX, this retreat invites you to embark on a day of rejuvenation and self-reflection.

The Radiant Renewal Retreat is not just a series of workshops; it's a transformative journey that unfolds with each intentional step, guiding women towards a profound metamorphosis as this New Year begins. As participants engage in the Identity Shifting Workshop, a powerful process begins, urging them to shed old layers and make way for the emergence of a more authentic self. It's a journey of self-discovery, where the women delve into the depths of their being, releasing what's not aligned with the radiant essence waiting to be revealed.

The Emotional Release Breathwork Ceremony serves as a pivotal moment in this transformational day. Through intentional breath, participants liberate stuck emotions, creating a release that allows for emotional healing and a newfound sense of lightness. The transformative power of breath becomes a conduit for personal growth, paving the way for clarity and emotional well-being.

The Embodied Confidence Workshop is a celebration of newfound strength. As women embrace and embody confidence, they experience a profound shift in the way they carry themselves, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The retreat becomes a cocoon, nurturing this transformation, allowing confidence to bloom in its most authentic and empowering form.

The retreat wraps up with the closing ceremony, where the Inspired Action Plan is crafted. This isn't merely a list of goals; it's a roadmap for integrating the day's revelations into daily life. The journey doesn't conclude with the retreat; instead, it extends into the future, guiding women to carry the lessons, newfound confidence, and self-discovery into their everyday existence. the transformation experienced at the Radiant Renewal Retreat isn't just a temporary shift—it's a lasting change that ripples through every aspect of life. It's about embracing a renewed sense of self, carrying the radiant glow of inner strength, and navigating the world with newfound clarity and purpose. The journey doesn't end; it becomes a continuous evolution towards a more authentic and empowered version of oneself.



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 Saturday, April 27th

*no refunds or transfers on retreats within 14 days of retreat