Plant Based 101

Join Chef Anjani Vasson in this extensive introduction to plant based diets. Discover the benefits, learn how to eat local, seasonal and organic while discovering ways to create flexible options with a mixed household. Lunch will be provided by Tribal All Day Cafe


Plant Based 101 is an introduction to plant based diets. You will learn how to get ingredients and why they are important. What cooking utensils to use and why. How to create a simple meal plan to start without being overwhelmed. You will also receive special recipes to take home and try!

Workshop Format 

    1) What does plant based mean and why is popular?

   2) Importance of fruits and vegetables in a diet. Plant based pyramid vs standard American.

   3) Principles of a clean diet. 

   4) Cooking tools and how they make a difference. 

   5) How to start with a mixed household on a small budget.

   6) How to listen to your body and do this slowly and with intention. 

   7) How to create a simple meal plan without being overwhelmed.

   8) Recipes to be shared and a walk through of them.   

   9) The link between plant based, meditation and a holistic lifestyle.

   10) Q+A

Included will be a suggested reading list and recipes.

Sunday, August 23rd - 11:00AM - 2:30PM
$95 (this includes lunch)


Natural Gourmet Institute, New York City: Licensed by New York State & accredited by ACCET

Matthew Kenney Culinary Institute - Graduate Level 1 and 2 - Advanced Raw Chef Training

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner issued by the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA)

Collaborated with Matthew Kenney to develop the menu for national juice company

Worked with a research company to help clean up labels

Meditation Teacher Training at Breathe - Meditation and Wellness in Dallas, Texas