New Year, Return to You

Saturday, December 30th, 2:00-4:00PM


New Year, Return to You

We are always told, especially around the new Year, that we need improvement “new year, new you”. We are encouraged to change in some way, and it’s usually centered around our looks.

But what if we focused on something far more radical…acceptance. And not just acceptance, but embracing ourselves; embracing our bodies, our aging, our voices. What might this embrace, with its openness and gentleness, allow to bloom in our lives this coming year?

In this workshop we will set our intention for 2024 toward acceptance and embracing our beauty, our dreams, and taking care of ourselves in a way that is nurturing and healthy. We will refocus ourselves for 2024 and beyond to:

    - move from the idea of our bodies as “object” to the sacred subject that enables us to express
       ourselves and live fully in the world in a connected way

    - discuss and explore our relationship to rest and saying “no”

    - self-expression

Through these main objectives we will deepen our relationship to ourselves and our bodies in ways that serve us rather than separate us from ourselves, allowing us to development a more authentic relationship to ourselves and opening the door to more authentic relationships to others.

Saturday, December 30th
2:00 - 4:00PM