New Moon in Pisces Sound Bath

Monday, February 20th, 5:00-6:00PM



This New Moon is a time to reflect and dive deep within. Whether you are in a season of shedding old patterns and habits or ready to manifest your hearts deepest desires, this is a time to go inward and check in with yourself. Join sound practitioner Jacquelyn Maitland in this one-hour sound bath experience to explore new depths of yourself in order to align with your soul's purpose. 

Dive deep into your inner abyss with this new moon sound bath experience. With this new moon in Pisces, you may feel overwhelming and foreign waves of emotion as you move through new seasons of change. 

You may be able to pinpoint your emotions - identifying the root or the cause may feel unknown. The new moon is a time to journey inward and tend to those places within you. Allow yourself to be guided and soothed by Jacquelyn Maitland's comforting voice, insights and sacred sounds during this one-hour sound bath experience. 

Leave with a sense of comfort and confidence in your mind, body and spirit to carry you through this season. 

Setting intentions for the month ahead is a great way to align our thoughts and dreams to our actions. Receive this one hour long sound bath as a time to reflect on your desires, align your thoughts and be ready to reap the benefits later on.

Monday, February 20th