New Moon Breathwork & Sound Healing Journey

Saturday, August 27th, 1:30-3:30PM



In need of a nurturing space to feel and recharge your energy? Or perhaps, release pent up emotions, connect to your own depth and the depth in others? This event, facilitated by Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner Emily Ashley, is designed to increase your health and assist you to manage your own wellbeing while in connection with the growing conscious community at Breathe. 

Breathwork is a therapeutic process that allows for non-ordinary states of reality, transcendent healing and new perspectives on life to emerge. Breathwork in a safe and supportive group setting can allow you to achieve healing in an expanded and quicker way. If you aren’t familiar with Breathwork, it’s simply the process of bringing conscious attention to the breath and creating a specific pattern of inhalations and exhalations. This pattern is called Conscious Connected Breathing and is designed to engage the body, mind and spirit of an individual. This circular breathing pattern can induce deep emotional releases and help to clear energetic patterns.

Step into the reiki-healing infused room prepared for your Breathwork & Sound Healing Journey.  We’ll gather in a circle for a brief check-in to create a safe space together.  Your guide, Emily Ashley, will go over the guidelines for the journey ahead and what to expect, and answer any questions needed to get you relaxed for the session.  Once the group moves to their own mat and sets up to their own comfort level, we’ll begin the breathing pattern.  Emily will offer tailored guidance to the group while including a musical journey to assist in your release.  

Music will include: medicine drumming & rattling, gong and  singing bowls.  Hands on healing will be provided for those seeking assistance.  Upon the completion of our breathwork you will be guided through a gentle grounding practice.  We will close the journey with an open discussion where you will have the opportunity to share your experience, hear other’s experiences, and ask any questions you’d like. Expect to leave feeling refreshed and with a renewed outlook on your life.

Saturday, August 27th, 1:30-3:30PM

  • Release of pent of tension in your muscles
  • Detoxification of the lungs, blood and lymphatic system
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Processed emotions
  • More regulated nervous system
  • Deeper self-compassion
  • Increased positive outlook
  • Reduced stress, depression and anxiety
  • Enhanced spirituality