Moon Magic Workshop

Join astrologer and life coach, Britten LaRue in a magical evening of intuitive work on July's New Moon. Learn how the moon can influence and change everything in your life once you align and attune to its cycle. This workshop will include the "Moon to Moon" journal workbook.

Moon Magic Workshop

Are you curious to learn about working with the Moon to connect with a more natural rhythm, awaken your intuition, and learn more about astrology? Join astrologer, tarot reader, and intuitive life coach Britten LaRue to learn how to develop a practice for living intentionally and building a self-care routine in parallel with the guidance of the Moon, both by phase and by astrological sign. 

Whether you’re new to “Moonwork,” are already practicing with one or more phases, or you’re frankly a curious skeptic, you will find ideas and inspiration to expand your self-care and (wo)manifestation practices. Britten will discuss why and how the Moon can help you live a more nourishing, empowering, and healing life. The cycle of the Moon mirrors other cycles we know: 

            The seasons of the year

            The birth - rise - and letting go of creative projects 

            Menstruation

            The archetypal Hero’s Journey from the call to adventure to the return back home

When you apply the teachings of each phase to your New Moon intention, you let the Moon be your anchor through change, evolution, and transformation - one cycle at a time. 

Everyone will leave with a copy of Britten’s workbook, Moon to Moon, with rich guidance about the Moon in astrology and the tarot as well as how to work with each lunar phase. The book is loaded with journaling prompts and detailed suggestions for working across four lunar cycles, one for each sign element: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. That’s four months’ worth of nourishing activities and rituals!

Monday, July 20th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm
Price: $75