Mindfulness of Seeing

Saturday, May 18th, 2:00-4:00PM


Mindfulness of Seeing, a Photography Workshop

Sight, if we have it, is the most common way we experience the world, but do we REALLY see? On a daily basis do we notice colors and textures, movement and stillness, the way the light shapes the objects in our world? Often we have an “idea” of what things look like, but we have not actually stopped to see deeply what a thing looks like.
In this Mindfulness of Seeing workshop, we will use the camera on our smart phones to becoming intimately familiar with common objects. We will explore how we commonly see, then deep dive into observation. Through this depth of seeing we will learn how we can slow down and better take things in, learning to see things in a whole new way. You may even come away with some tips for taking better photos with your phone! We may be surprised by what we discover! It will also include discussion times for the group, as well as time for questions throughout.

Saturday, May 18th
Flippin Park - 4421 N Versailles Ave, Dallas 75205