Mind Body Soul - A Deep Dive

Friday, July 22nd, 6:30-7:45PM


About this Workshop

Do you feel you are living from your Highest Self? Do you feel aligned in your mind and body as information flows from your spirit? Do you believe this is a possibility for yourself; to live out your authentic nature? To fully embody your intuition and move through life in confidence? What do you feel most is holding you back

These are just a few questions you will discover and answer in this Mind-Body-Soul Workshop taught by Meditation Teacher, Jacquelyn Maitland. In this workshop you will dive deep into your inner world to reflect and shed limiting thoughts and stories in order to envision your Higher Self. Through guided visualization meditations, thought provoking questions and open dialogue discussions, you will find connection in your mind and body. You will leave more connected to to live outwardly from your spirit and with a clearer vision of your Higher Self. Know necessary steps to take to stay in the vibration of light and love.

Friday, July 22nd