Intro to Tantra

Friday, February 4th, 6:30-8:00PM



At its essence, Tantra is a practice that combines movement, breath, sensations and sound, as meditation and conduits to assist our energy system within the body to open. This opening allows dormant energy, known as Kundalini, to move up from the pelvis through the spine. The movement of this life-force energy can help you to open up and release any constrictions or blockages. The expansion of the energy body also increases sensation, clarity of mind, connection to oneself, divine, others, circumstances, perceptions and life as a whole.

In Tantra, Divinity is not above, neither outside of us; it is everywhere in all things to manifest & unmanifest. All energy in all forms. Our bodies are the sacred temple that holds and carries that energy at all levels- from gross, to actions, to thoughts. In this workshop we will explore this energy through movement, breath-work and meditation. We will also explore the Tantra philosophy & history.

The beauty of Tantra is that the modern-day man or woman can use as an experience to move forward on the path to self-realization. This is what makes it so practical and appealing to the Western world: no need to retreat in a cave.

Explore and learn how to dance with life through the mind, body and spirit in this immersive Tantric workshop with Douchka LeCot.


Friday, February 4th