Intimacy Wellness Workshop

Friday, February 11th, 8:15-9:30PM



Did you watch Sex, Love, and Goop and immediately feel intrigued? Are you open to expanding your awareness around the sexual relationship you have with yourself and your partner/partners?

Join us as we thoughtfully create a space that allows you to connect and understand you and your sexuality more than before. Step into a deeper awareness of your sexuality and sex with yourself with intention, mediations, experiences, and conversations around mindful sex.

What you will Experience:

  1. Guided intention setting, meditations and sound throughout the workshop
  2. Beverage and snacks that increase sex drive and libido
  3. Conversation around erotic blueprints, toys, music and more
  4. A safe space for you to deepen your sexual relationship with yourself

What you will walk away with:

  1. Ideas around how to cultivate a more mindful sexual experience with yourself and/or partner/partners
  2. Expanded language around sex
  3. Additional shared resources to continue your exploration


Friday, February 11th