Intention Setting Ceremony + Sound Bath

Saturday, November 11th, 11:00-12:00PM



Connect to your Divine essence and set intentions on 11.11 in a sacred ceremony and sound bath. You may often see repeating numbers, often called 'angel numbers' when you are in harmony with the flow of life. These are recognized as subtle affirmations from beyond that you are on the right path. Whether you call it Universe, Divinity, Source or God, you feel a deep connection with a force outside of yourself, guiding you along your path.

Continue aligning yourself with the higher forces that be in this one-hour intention setting ceremony and sound bath to cultivate a deeper connection towards yourself and Divinity.

Join meditation guide, Jacquelyn Maitland in this self-empowering ritual to honor the divine guidance that lives in our hearts. If this connection is unfamiliar to you, allow this to be an invitation to begin to get acquainted with the divine essence and spiritual truth that has been waiting for you.

Saturday, November 11th
11am - 12pm