Inner Child Vibrational Healing

Sunday, April 23rd, 1:00-2:30PM



Inside each of us is our child self longing for connection and emotional healing. These verbally-guided meditations are perfect for anyone wishing to feel more grounded, centered, or peaceful. The inner child healing aspects help you to heal physical, emotional and mental disturbances, by activating your own innate self-healing abilities.

The gongs and bowls are played in the background to help take you deeper into the process, as it helps to QUIET the “monkey mind”!

Your teacher and sound guide, Barbara Cole has personally rid herself of physical pain using these meditations and you can too!

What will the client experience throughout this workshop?
● Verbally guided meditations
● Sound Meditation
● Root chakra grounding
● Crown chakra opening
● Golden Light visualization
● Journaling on breakthroughs


Actionable Take-Aways

● Know how to scan your body to discover stuck emotions
● Be able to use the Golden Light to heal physical and emotional pain
● Experience increased energy and personal freedom from emotional triggers


Sunday, April 23rd