Full Moon Sound Bath

Monday, February 6th, 5:00-6:00PM


Full Moon in Leo Sound Bath

During this full moon in Leo feel the vastness that is YOU! The full moon is a celebratory time to bask in your accomplishments. It is a beautiful time to honor the many lessons that have allowed you to open up to a new found space within your being. 

Meditation and sound guide, Jacquelyn Maitland will hold the sacred space for you to celebrate and gather all the vibrancy in and around you. 

Let your inner light shine with confidence and your powerful voice of truth be heard after this one-hour sound bath experience! 

Start moving through your phases with this full moon. 

The Full Moon is a peak experience. A time when the moon is fully illuminated and energy has reached a climax. Most people like to set intentions during a new moon. The full moon is a time where we see the benefits of the intentions we set. Use this sound bath as a time to ground down, reflect, and tie up any loose ends of the past month.

In sound meditation, the vibrations help shift the brain into more relaxed states. You feel the physical and mental benefits of this meditation immediately. It is approachable for beginners and has remarkable effects on experienced meditators. We can't wait to see you there!

Monday, February 6th