Fertility, Pregnancy & Postnatal Retreat

Saturday, August 21st - 9:00-12:00PM

$45 Each Module or $125 for All Three

Fertility Retreat - 9:00AM-10:00AM

Did you know it can take at least 3 months to improve egg and sperm health and that stress can send signals to your body that it is not the best time to conceive? However, there is a lot you can control to improve the health of both you and your unborn child before conception occurs.

Join us and learn practical ways to improve your ability to conceive. This module includes: 

  •      - Guided meditation to help calm your nervous system
  •      - Effective yoga movements for optimal conception 
  •      - Simple breathing practices to reduce stress levels and decrease worry/anxiety 
  •      - In depth discussion on the following subjects:
  •             * foods to boost fertility 
  •             * recommendations for the safest prenatal vitamins
  •             * preconception lab testing to optimize health of pregnancy
  •             * how stress influences fertility


Pregnancy Retreat - 10:00AM-11:00AM

THINK HEALTHIER DNA! This mini session will help you set your baby up for success while they are still developing!

There is a vastly growing field of fetal development and fetal psychology: The in-utero environment tells baby what life is like outside and so baby is constantly receiving messages on how to best prepare for life outside of the womb.

There are numerous studies that show when a mother has a daily mindfulness practice, there is higher self-esteem, higher self-acceptance, higher success rates, higher academic achievements, lower maternal depression rate and lower anxiety and depression rates in both baby and mother.

This module includes:

     - A guided meditation to build a deeper connection between you and baby
     - Prenatal yoga practice
     - Poses to help during labor
     - Suggestions for pregnancy superfoods and prenatal vitamins
     - Ways to influences your baby’s DNA and brain development


Postnatal Retreat - 11:00AM-12:00AM

Did you know that the postpartum hormone drop is considered the single largest sudden hormone change in the shortest amount of time for any human being, at any point of their life?

The sudden change in hormones can cause huge emotional shifts. You don’t need to be scared, this is a normal physiological process but it’s good to be aware and somewhat prepared for this time. When you add increased cortisol levels due to sleep deprivation, not eating and high levels of stress this will affect you on every level.

Join us and learn how to support yourself during this phase with ways to boost your mood, get better quality sleep, manage stress, anxiety, and depression and when to seek help.

This module includes:

     - A guided meditation to calm your nervous system
     - Parental resiliency practices to help you manage stress/anxiety
     - Postnatal yoga
     - Discussion over
     - Ways to have a faster postpartum recovery
     - Ways to boost your mood through nutrition


Meet Jenny Morrow and Emily Ortiz

Founder of Unique Footprints and Meditation Guide/Doula