Day Retreat in Dallas

Saturday, November 18th, 9:00-5:00PM



As the end of the year approaches, it's the perfect time to reflect, celebrate, and embrace new beginnings. It's a moment to acknowledge the challenges we've overcome, the lessons we've learned, and the growth we've experienced. Whether you're bidding farewell to a remarkable year or eager to start afresh, the end of the year is a perfect opportunity to pause, appreciate the journey, and reset for the new year ahead with a Day Retreat with Breathe!

Welcome to our serene and transformative one-day Retreat! Immerse yourself in a day of tranquility, self-discovery, and rejuvenation as we guide you through a blissful journey of self-care and reflection. Whether you're a seasoned retreater or a beginner looking to explore the benefits of yoga and meditation, this retreat is designed to cater to all levels of experience.

Our highly skilled and nurturing instructors will guide you through a variety of yoga classes, carefully curated to enhance flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. Each session is tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring a safe and enriching practice. You'll have the opportunity to delve deeper into the mind-body connection, cultivating a sense of harmony and balance within yourself.

In addition to the physical practice, our retreat prioritizes the art of meditation, allowing you to cultivate a calm and focused mind. Through guided meditation sessions, you'll learn valuable techniques to quiet the noise of daily life, promote relaxation, and find clarity. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced meditator, these sessions will provide you with a tranquil space to reconnect with your inner self.

To enhance your experience even further, we offer a range of holistic activities and workshops. From soothing sound healing sessions to enlightening nature experiences and breathwork, you'll have the chance to explore different practices and expand your knowledge of wellness. You can also indulge in nourishing and delicious meals carefully prepared for you as well as ceremonial cacao.

At the end of this transformative one-day retreat, you'll leave feeling rejuvenated, centered, and equipped with valuable tools to close out the year. Join us on this incredible journey of self-discovery. Reserve your spot today and embark on a day of holistic wellness that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired!


Welcome Gift Bag
Fresh Pressed Juice
Gentle Yoga and Guided Meditation
Cacao Ceremony
Organic Healthy Lunch
Ecstatic Dance
Breathwork with Reiki Healing
Oracle Circle
End of Year Workshop
and More!


Saturday, November 18th
9:00 - 5:00PM