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We are excited to offer one of a kind workshops, trainings, events and destination retreats. We collaborate with the best of the best to ensure a premier experience. Breathe offers events for everything from you, your kid to your pet. Make sure to subscribe to our website to stay up to date on current events.

Cord Cutting + Sound Bath

Friday, January 28th , 6:30-7:45PM

Join meditation guide, Cody Shelton in this workshop offering space to regenerate, re-evaluate, start anew and observe your inner-self. Inviting us to let go of built-up energy that is no longer serving us. In this session, we’ll begin by getting our bodies relaxed, and then we’ll go into a cord cutting meditation, healing and clearing any karmic contracts created between you and another person or between you and an aspect of yourself.


Watercolor Meditation Class

Sunday, January 30th, 2:00-3:30PM

It's a meditative experience like never before, as we invite you to Breathe, Meditate and Paint! Get ready to set your intention and define your focus with your 2022 "word of the year". After connecting with your word, join Dallas artist and author, Volta of Color Snack Creative Studio, in a live workshop as she guides you through creating your unique Enso circle.

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Lunar New Year Sound Bath

Sunday, January 30th, 7:15-8:15PM

Celebrate Lunar New Year at Breathe with Mellissa Nguyen. 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger - a time of renewed personal vigor, focus and physical activity. This one hour sound bath will leave you feeling restored and grounded. Immediately following will be some traditional Lunar New Year snacks and tea served for happiness and prosperity.

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Cultivate Clarity Sound Bath

Tuesday, February 1st, 5:00-6:00PM

If you missed the Lunar New Year sound bath, do not worry! In conjunction with the Lunar New Year cycle, it is also February's New Moon. A wonderful opportunity to ground down and gain clarity This will be the first of many hour-long sound baths we will be offering on different days of the week for every month.

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Intro to Tantra

Friday, February 4th, 6:30-8:00PM

Join Tantra and meditation teacher, Douchka LeCot in this one-of-a-kind workshop. Tantra is a practice that combines movement, breath, sensations and sound, as meditation and conduits to assist our energy system. This movement of life-force energy can help you to open up and release any constrictions or blockages. We will explore this energy through movement, breath-work and meditation as well as explore the Tantra philosophy & history.

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Self Love Workshop

Saturday, February 5th, 2:00-3:30PM

Do you struggle with giving yourself the same love and compassion you give others? Are you wanting to cultivate a more loving relationship with yourself and others? Join meditation guide, Elisa Davis as we create a safe space that allows you to connect with your true self and give yourself the love that you desire and deserve. Begin to cultivate a deeper relationship with your most authentic self and begin to fully give and receive the love that you deserve!

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Breath-work Journey to Self Worth

Sunday, February 6th, 7:15-8:30pm

Join breath-work facilitator Emily Dewberry for an extended breath-work journey, to bring you out of your mind and back into your body to connect you closer to you. Emily will lead you into an experience bringing conscious connected breathing, sound, and journaling together in this special session.

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Roll and Repair

Friday, February 11th, 6:30-7:45PM

Join yoga therapist Jennifer Carrera in this 90-minute workshop to release tension and ease pain using therapy balls. We will explore ball rolling from head to toe, working with the soft tissue in the body. Ball rolling helps to diminish pain, restore healthy nerves, improve posture, restore muscles and increases strength. No prior ball rolling experience required.

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Intimacy Wellness Workshop

Friday, February 11th, 8:15-9:30PM

Did you watch Sex, Love, and Goop and immediately feel intrigued? Are you open to expanding your awareness around the sexual relationship you have with yourself and your partner/partners? Join meditation guide, Cody Shelton in this explorative and exciting workshop. This is one you definitely won't want to miss!

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All the Single Ladies

Saturday, February 12th, 1:30-3:30PM

(+ non-single too) Calling all ladies! Is the thinking or behavior of men a mystery to you? Do you wish you could look inside a man’s brain to discover what he really thinks, wants, and needs? Join us for a powerful and interactive workshop, led by Relationship Illumination Expert Barbara Cole Salmeron, to learn the secrets of the male brain!

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Valentine's Sound Bath

Sunday, February 13th, 2:00-3:00PM

Join guide Jacquelyn Maitland this Valentine's Day for an hour-long Sound Bath that will help to open your heart and calm your mind. This is a great alternative to your typical Valentine’s Day date! This event is great for friends, couples or singles wanting to celebrate a day of love!

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Full Moon Sound Bath

Wednesday, February 16th, 5:00-6:00PM

Full Moons illuminate and radiate all the hard work we've put in since the New Moon. It is a time to see the fruits of your labor come to fruition. During this 'radiant resonance', you will have the opportunity to reflect on your goals and wishes from this month's work and adjust how you would like to move forward in your journey.

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What's Your Energy

Saturday, February 19th, 1:30-3:30PM

Energy is all around us, in us, of us and moving through us. Our lives are a culmination of the energy we encounter, produce and attract. When we are conscious and intentional about the way we interact with this energy we can use it to experience more harmony, joy, and ease in our lives. In this workshop led by Reiki master and shaman, Amaru Ra Dreamcatcher, you will learn to get more in touch with the energy in and around you.

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Abundance Sound Bath

Tuesday, February 22nd, 5:00-6:00PM

Join meditation guide, Jacquelyn Maitland in this end of month beautiful gratitude-filled sound bath, acknowledging the wonderment and moments we each experience. Life is so rich; from friendships, jobs, new opportunities to running water, nature and things in life we may consider 'small.' There is so much abundance - so much to be grateful for! It is up to us to see and cherish it.

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Meditation Teacher Training

Friday, February 25th - Sunday, July 10th, 2022

Looking to radically change your life and/or make a difference in other peoples lives? Take this opportunity to connect to your higher self and join the community that is taking this journey. Our 200-hour comprehensive course will provide you with the most well rounded foundation to begin your meditation path and successfully teach.

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Gong Training - Level One

Saturday, March 12th, 9:30 - 4:00PM

Join us for our Gong Training Level 1 class, specially designed for people who are interested in learning more about the gong and how to play it! We will touch on the history of the gong, the do’s and don’ts, some specific techniques, the various types of gongs and mallets, and allow plenty of time to practice! This will be a fun and intimate class, and the gongs will be provided for you!

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Gong Training - Level Two

Sunday, March 13th, 9:30-4:00PM

Join us for our Advanced Sound Training class, where you will learn how to play the gong for others. We will also explore other instruments and how to hold space for others. Learn how to “let the gongs play you”! Sound Training Level One is a prerequisite for this training.

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Spring Cacao Circle

Friday, March 25th, 6:30 - 7:45PM

Spring Equinox Cacao Circle! Join us this Spring as we welcome growth and new beginnings. This time of year symbolizes rebirth and fertility. It is also an extraordinary moment in time to plant the seeds of what we would like to see grow and to intentionally let go of all that died during winter. Join Chelsey Charbeneau (co-founder of Breathe, meditation guide/trainer and yoga therapist) in this ceremony, as we gather together to plant and bloom. Book now, spots won't last!

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Reiki Level One Certification

April 23rd - 24th, 2022

Now is your chance to get certified in Reiki and be able to extend your healing touch. No experience is required... just a willingness to learn. This certification class is taught by two seasoned Reiki Master/Teachers, Yvonne Futch, MSW and Sarah Shelby who will provide an in-depth understanding and experience of Reiki. You will gain the confidence to feel and work with Reiki energy on yourself. Your intuition increases while expanding your mind and energy!

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Chakras + Crystals

Friday, April 29th, 6:30-8:00PM

Have you always wondered what a chakra was or how to sense your own chakra system. Are you curious about the energy within your own body and want to learn why chakras are valuable? Join, co-founder Chelsey Charbeneau in this introduction to chakras! This workshop will give you the foundation you need to explore the main chakra system within your body. We will look at the history, adaptation and ways in which we can open and balance our chakras.

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Mindfulness Development

Saturday, April 30th from 1:30-3:00PM

Pause. Do you know how to pause? Do you know how to observe sensations? The breath? Emotions? What are you currently striving for? Where can you let go? Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to the present moment over and over again. It is a non-judgemental awareness in which each thought, observation, feeling or sensation that arises is acknowledged and accepted. In this developmental workshop, Jacquelyn will explain the difference between informal and formal mindfulness practices as well as the seven major principles: acceptance, non-judgement, patience, beginner's mind, trust, non-striving, and letting go.

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Breathe and Retreat

Friday, May 6th - Sunday, May 8th

Join co-founder, Chelsey Charbeneau on this magical weekend in the beautiful rolling hills of Texas. This Ranch Retreat offers both private and shared luxury accommodations as well as an outdoor covered pavilion for yoga, mediation and sound baths. We will walk the labyrinth, enjoy healthy plant based meals, have fun in the workshop barn, close the nights with a fire pit and cacao ceremony, lounge in the two dipping pools and venture on our excursions and much more. This will be a time for healing, transformation and connection.

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