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We are excited to offer one of a kind workshops, trainings, events and destination retreats. We collaborate with the best of the best to ensure a premier experience. Breathe offers events for everything from you, your kid to your pet. Make sure to subscribe to our website to stay up to date on current events.

Full Moon Sound Bath

Sunday, August 22nd, 6-7:00PM

Join sound practitioner, Suzy Swafford for a Full Moon sound bath. The full moon in August is called the Blue Moon. The Full Moon is a peak experience. A time when the moon is fully illuminated and energy has reached a climax. Use this sound bath as a time to ground down, reflect, and tie up any loose ends of the past month.


Cord Cutting + Sound Bath

Friday, September 17th, 6:30-8:00PM

Join meditation guide, Cody Shelton in this workshop offering of space to regenerate, re-evaluate, start anew and observe your inner-self. Inviting us to let go of built-up energy that is no longer serving us. In this session, you will clear any patterns or stories created, past, present, future, while cleaning and rebalancing all energies, helping you to start anew. This workshop will close with a magic sound bath.

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Book Club

Saturday, September 18th - 9:00-10:30AM

Join teacher Alexa Lucas for our community book club. Every other month we venture on a new topic, new idea, new book that will lead us to inspiration and connect us internally and externally. This next one is written by meditation guid, Amanda Gilbert: Kindness Now: A 28‑Day Guide to Living with Authenticity. Join us for conversation, breakfast and a good time.

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Fall Equinox Sound Bath

Wednesday, September 22nd - 5:30-6:30PM

Join Meditation Teacher and Sound Practitioner, Barbara Cole for an hour-long sound bath and guided meditation on the first day of the autumn season and occurs when the sun passes the equator moving from the northern to the southern hemisphere. The North Pole begins to tilt away from the sun. Equinoxes only happen twice a year so come take advantage of this rare occasion!

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Teen Mental Health Workshop

Friday, September 24th, 6:30-8:00 PM

Join elementary educator and meditation teacher, Jacquelyn Maitland for a night dedicated for teens navigating through mental health. With school back in session and new transitions on the horizon, anxiety and stress levels can start to increase once again. This workshop is designed for students ages 12-16 years.

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Breath-work + Mudras Workshop

Saturday, September 25th, 2:00-3:30PM

Join meditation guide and yoga therapist, Jennifer Carrera in this one of a kind workshop exploring the subtle body through mudras and breath-work. Spend 90-minutes diving into the more subtle aspects of meditation as we breakdown the basics and how-to of breathing and begin to work with hand gestures (mudras).

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The Top 5 Secrets to Relationship Success in 5 Minutes a Day!

Sunday, September 26th, 1:00-2:30

This class is for anyone who wants to improve communication and decrease conflict in their relationships at home, at work, and/or in romance! Whether you are married or single, gay or straight, dating or not even interested in dating...this masterclass will provide much illumination on your most important relationships!

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Sound Training Level 1

Saturday, October 2nd, 10:00-4:00PM

Join us for our “Introduction to Gong” class, specially designed for people who are interested in learning more about the gong and how to play it! We will touch on the history of the gong, the do’s and don’ts, some specific techniques, the various types of gongs and mallets, and allow plenty of time to practice!

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Sound Training Level 2

Sunday, October 3rd - 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Join us for our advanced practitioner sound training, specially designed for people who having completed our Sound Training - Level One! We will cover playing various sound bath instruments, touch on sound healing and its benefits and teach you how to incorporate everything for a magical sound experience.

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Embrace Your Inner Vibration

Friday, October 8th - 6:00 - 7:15pm

Chanting is used as a form of meditation to still and quiet the mind, bring one in touch with divinity and open the heart. In this Chanting workshop you will learn about the science and mystery behind Mantra Chanting by learning a few key Sanskrit Mantras for you to practice at home.

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Yoga Nidra + Sound Bath

Friday, October 22nd, 6:30-8:00PM

Join meditation guide Cody Shelton in this deeply restorative meditation workshop. You will experience approximately 45-minutes of Yoga Nidra followed by 30-minutes of relaxation to the sounds of crystal singing bowls and other healing instruments. During this class you will being laying in a very comfortable and supportive way while being guided every step of the way.

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An Immune System Workshop

Saturday, October 23rd, 1:00-2:30PM

Now more than ever it is imperative that we keep our bodies as healthy as possible. Whether you are looking to boost your immune system or are currently facing a health issue this workshop is for you! Join certified yoga Therapist, Jennifer Carrera (C-IAYT, ERYT-500) in this workshop focused on using therapeutic movements and breath-work to support optimal functioning of the immune system.

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Cacao Circle

Friday, October 29th, 6:30 - 7:45PM

This 75-minute heart-opening experience will use ceremonial cacao, meditative reflection and real conversation to connect us to a deeper sense of gratitude and loving kindness within ourselves and in our relationships. Join Chelsey Charbeneau and Emily Ortiz in this transformative ceremony.

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Meditation Teacher Training

Friday, February 25th - Sunday, July 10th, 2022

Looking to radically change your life and/or make a difference in other peoples lives? Take this opportunity to connect to your higher self and join the community that is taking this journey. Our 200-hour comprehensive course will provide you with the most well rounded foundation to begin your meditation path and successfully teach.

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Reiki Level 1 Certification

2022 - Dates Coming Soon

This is your opportunity to become certified and create profound change in your life. In Reiki Level 1, you will become a conduit of healing energy and be able to give Reiki to yourself. Join Reiki Masters/Teachers, Yvonne Futch and Allison Fox who will provide an in-depth understanding, foundation and experience of Reiki.

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