Dream Interpretations

What do your dreams actually mean??? Dreams, interpretations and causes! Explore the depths of your dreams with meditation guide and mental health professional, Shon MonDragon.


Dream Theory: Tools to Explore Your Dreams

Exploring the symbolic language of dreams offers a treasure map to insights within ourselves and among the world around us. Learn to approach the experience of a dreams through a lens of deeper meaning. In this workshop we will discuss common thematic meanings in dreams, as well as tools for exploring your personal dreams further. By learning how to be with the symbolic language of dreams, we unlock the process for examining our assumptions and finding deeper meaning in life.

“There is no weird in dreams. The ‘weird’ in dreams is just a well disguised treasure chest.”

                - What are Dreams? 

                - The Science of Dreams

                - Where do they come from? 

                - The Art of Dreams

                - Why do we Dream? The Power of Narrative

                - How do dreams communicate? 

                - Dreams as a living image

Saturday, August 22nd - 2:00PM - 3:00PM


Shon MonDragon is a certified meditation teacher and mental health professional. He skillfully combines scientific foundations from his undergraduate studies in cognitive psychology at the University of Houston, with enhanced emotional attunement from his masters program in Counseling & Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Shon is trained in over 20 meditation styles and modalities and uses his knowledge of psychology and meditation to engage the individual process of self observation and reflection. 

As a Meditation Coach, Shon is inspired to support the therapeutic process through greater awareness and enhancing internal resources for calm and relaxation. This work especially helpful for anxiety and depression while also being deeply rewarding for individuals exploring existential wonder. Shon does not teach what to think, but rather options for ways to become more aware of the process of thought. By doing this he hopes to deepen the process of healing and growth for his clients and liberate their ability to hold more agency over their life experience