Meditation is a practical means for calming the mind and reducing endless thought churning. Breathe classes teach techniques to help achieve mental clarity and emotionally calm states. Meditation is an approach to training the mind, as fitness is an approach to training the body.

Let’s Breathe Together

communities that breathe together, grow together.


guided class - all levels

Breathe is our foundation class open to all levels. Many of us "forget" to breathe or have to "catch" our breath many times throughout the day. This guided meditation class introduces techniques to strengthen and correct your breathing. This is also a great place to begin your practice, prepare you for the rest our classes and provide you with necessary tools to live a healthier and more mindful life.

Breathe 1.0

guided class - all levels

Breath 1.0 is our signature class designed for beginners but created for all. This practice breaks down the “how to” of meditation, incorporating fundamental principles of postural alignment, breathwork and hand gestures. Your teacher shares history, philosophy, and addresses commonly asked questions. If you are looking to start or restart your practice, this is for you!

Breathe 2.0

guided class - all levels

Breath 2.0 is open to all levels and for those who would like to explore other styles. This class pulls from various traditions and is a blend of guided and silence. Teachers share the latest medical research and practical tools to use daily. Each class offers one of a kind guided meditations. This class is meant for those ready to take their practice to the next level.

Breathe 3.0

guided class - all levels

Breathe 3.0 breaks down boundaries, opening you up to endless possibilities. This class covers topics ranging from chakras to current events. Teachers may incorporate crystals, essential oils, mala beads or other elements to enhance the experience. Some may offer reiki or other energy work for additional healing. This is an extraordinary experience with no two ever alike. All are welcome.

Breathe with Sound

guided class - all levels

Breathe with Sound is a blend of our classic Breathe guided meditation class mixed with singing crystal bowls, gongs, and other sound healing instruments. In sound meditation, the vibrations help shift the brain into more relaxed states. You feel the physical and mental benefits of this meditation immediately. It is approachable for beginners and has remarkable effects on experienced meditators.

Breathe & Rest

audio class - all levels

Breathe and Rest is a variety of guided meditations experienced through noise cancelling headphones. These prerecorded sessions are held in our second meditation room, Exhale, where you will have all the props you need to lay down in a relaxed and comfortable way. This form of meditation is great to help cope with daily stress, resolve trauma and much more. It is also a perfect way to begin a meditation practice if you are new.

Our Team

committed to holistic health.

Our ever-growing family of teachers, each certified experts in their field, bring utmost quality and mastery with a common thread of compassion and love. Our studio and teachers stay up to date on the latest research, continuing to expand their knowledge and expertise.