Chakras + Crystals

Friday, November 11th, 6:30-8:00PM



Have you always wondered what a chakra was or how to sense your own chakra system. Are you curious about the energy within your own body and want to learn why chakras are valuable? Join, co-founder Chelsey Charbeneau in this introduction to chakras!

This workshop will give you the foundation you need to explore the main chakra system within your body. We will look at the history, adaptation and ways in which we can open and balance our chakras. Each of us will get to examine the quality and energy of each of our seven main chakras and the benefits of chakra work.

Each chakra pertains to a specific location, certain element, color, function and crystal(s). Together will begin to explore how we can use specific crystals for optimal health of our chakras. You will have access to choose crystals during the workshop to take home, but feel free to bring crystals you already have as well.

There will be time to learn, explore, reflect and heal. 
Come and join us in the subtle vibration of your inner world.

Friday, November 11th