End of Year Cacao Ceremony

Friday, December 1st - 6:30-7:45PM



As we close out 2023, let us welcome the changing of seasons with a ceremonial ritual of cacao. This end of the year celebration will open the spirit of reflection, gratitude and renewal. This is the perfect time to turn inward, reflect and rest. Find your place among kindred spirits, each seeking this moment of peace and connection. 

Join Jacquelyn Maitland as she guides you through a year end reflection and helps you channel your heart's truest desires for the new year. We will set our wishes on fire and let them float and rise. This will be a ceremony you won't want to miss.

Cacao is an ancient plant with many healing benefits, mostly associated with the heart. Cacao increases the energetic field of our hearts, and when we join together, the field is amplified and woven together with multiple hearts in the room. Whether you’ve heard of cacao ceremony before, experienced one or many, or even if you have no idea what to expect, all are welcome. This is a space to try something new, connect, open your heart, and feel alive.

We will be using ceremonial grade cacao from Firefly Chocolate, making the warm cacao beverage ahead of time. Each person is asked to bring their own vessel to drink from; all other materials will be provided and we will be seated the entire time. Learn more about firefly and their cacao sourcing here (insert this link: https://ceremonial-cacao.com/pages/what-is-cacao-ceremony).

Note: if you are pregnant it is not advised that you drink cacao unless you already have a cacao practice. For all others, as with any healing practices, make sure you drink plenty of water before and after ceremony.

Friday, December 1st