Breath-work Journey to Self Worth

Sunday, May 29th, 7:15-8:30PM



Join breath-work facilitator Emily Dewberry for an extended breath-work journey, to bring you out of your mind and back into your body to connect you closer to you. Emily will lead you into an experience bringing conscious connected breathing, sound, and journaling together in this special session.

This breath-work experience is a safe way to explore any blockages that you may have in your subconscious that hold you back from experiencing the life you are meant to live. Focusing on self worth we will together bring awareness using your breath, a meditative space, and time to journal out experiences so that you can be your own healer. You have everything within you, allow yourself to bring awareness to what is holding you back and let’s release it together.

Bringing breath-work, sound, and journaling together you can really begin to be your own healer. You’ll leave this time together more relaxed, allowing yourself to release any negative thoughts or unwanted patterns, and bring you closer to the you you want to be.

Sunday, May 29th