An Immune System Workshop

Saturday, October 23rd, 1:00-2:30PM



Now more than ever, it is imperative that we keep our bodies as healthy as possible. Whether you are looking to boost your immune system or are currently facing a health issue this workshop is for you!  Join certified yoga Therapist, Jennifer Carrera (C-IAYT, ERYT-500) in this workshop focused on using therapeutic movements and breath-work to support optimal functioning of the immune system.

The immune system is the only system in the body that relies on movement to function. Our lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system, relies on movement to guide the toxins that gather in the lymphatic channels that run parallel to the veins, to be sent back to the heart to be filtered and cleaned. Other systems of the body such as the respiratory system, also help to support the movement of lymph. Through using specific and simple types of movement and breath-work, we can help the lymphatic fluid to filter back into the heart, in the most efficient way. 

The central nervous system also closely interacts with the immune system. When we move into a state of prolonged stress (fight, flight or freeze response, or the sympathetic nervous system), the body focuses on the functions that are the most crucial for immediate survival (muscles tightening, and heart rate increasing), and other systems of the body suffer. We will conclude this workshop with a relaxing meditation, helping to send you into a state of relaxation (rest and digest, or the parasympathetic nervous system), where the immune system, and all other systems in the body, can work to their optimal ability. Upon completion, you will receive a handout that will include the specific types of movements and breathing practices we explored together, so you can utilize them for your home wellness practice.

This workshop is for any body, age or ability. This is not your typical yoga class - these movements are for purely therapeutic purposes, and are accessible to everyone. Beginners or those who have never “done” yoga before are welcome. Come as you are. 

Saturday, October 23rd