Reiki Level Two Certification

June 29th + 30th, 9:00-4:00PM



Reiki Level 2 is an Intermediate class. In this two day course, you will receive additional symbols and placements that will allow you to bring the energy of Reiki into your every day life in more practical ways. You’ll learn how to activate and use Reiki to heal others. You’ll also learn techniques for practicing distance Reiki. Upon completion, you will be qualified to work with clients both in-person and online as a certified Reiki practitioner. A comprehensive workbook is included. You must have completed Reiki Level 1 as a prerequisite to attend this training.

Please bring a water bottle, some nourishing snacks, a journal, and something to write with.


Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") is a Japanese technique of energetic bodywork for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It can be administered through either gentle touch or by hovering the hands above different parts of the body. Reiki is a simple yet powerful modality that uses the life force energy within the body known as Ki (Chi in China and Prana in India) to raise the vibrational level in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are attached. Reiki clears, strengthens, and heals the energetic pathways within the body and allows the energy to flow more naturally and freely by clearing away energetic debris. If one's life-force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress. If it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Why Reiki?
Scientific research shows that Reiki increases white blood cells, and aids the immune system, reduces the amount of stress hormones in the blood that incline the body to hold weight, can create gradual detoxification, refreshed sleep, create hormonal balance, relieve pain, anxiety and depression etc. Reiki can be the change that creates other changes needed in one’s life.



June 29th, 2024   9:00 - 4:00PM
June 30th, 2024  9:00 - 4:00PM


Your training includes the following:
Full Weekend Intensive
1 Healing Experience to prepare You to receive Reiki Placement by opening the aura and creating a more receptive state
1 Reiki Two Placement - Heals the student and activates the ability to use Reiki Energy
Comprehensive Manual
Resource Materials
14 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits



Leah Frazier

Leah Frazier, Esq., CMT has approximately 300+ hours combined of certified professional training in meditation, sound (gongs), Usui Reiki 1 and 2, Mindfulness, and Embodied Activism (somatics), and has proudly studied under the instruction of Chelsey Charbeneau of Breathe, Meditation and Wellness; Master Reiki Instructor Yvonne Futch; Dr. Kay Colbert and Sarah Sampson for her Mindfulness Certification; plus, the University of San Diego for her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction education. As a meditation instructor, Leah artfully infuses the practices of guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, visualization, breathwork and sound as a unique spin and interactive experience for her students.

Leah has been guided under the instruction of the incomparable Queen Afua for the Sacred Woman Program, learning many of the historical and traditional methods used for womb wellness, healing the body, mind, spirit and relationships – under the umbrella of the methodologies of the African Natural Lifestyle.

In 2022 on National Black Mental Health Professionals Day, Leah was recognized by the Boris L. Henson Foundation as a Top 100 Finalist (across the nation) for its inaugural Joy Awards. In June 2023, Leah was honored by the Boris L. Henson Foundation as a Joy Award recipient for her work in the integrative health and wellness category. D Magazine describes Leah as "one of Dallas' most renowned mindfulness leaders."

Leah has proudly partnered with American Airlines, the Dallas Mavericks, Market by Macy's, Dallas Truth Racial Healing and Transformation (Dallas TRHT), Vizient, Dallas Habitat for Humanity, Grandscape at The Colony, and more for meditation and sound healing. Leah has also been featured on WFAA Channel 8's Good Morning Texas, MidDay for WFAA Channel 8, D Magazine, CW Channel 33, and Shoutout DFW as a go-to expert in Meditation and Mindfulness. She is also featured as an instructor on Insight Timer -- the #1 Free App for Meditations.

Off the cushion, Leah is a 2-Time Emmy Award-Winning entrepreneur and CEO of Think Three Media – a full-service creative marketing and communications agency based in Dallas, TX. She has a dog named Spirit, loves to travel, loves to read and can be found sunbathing by the lake near her home in the historical district of Oak Cliff.

Instructor @BreatheMeditationandWellness - 200-hour Certified Meditation Teacher, Level 1 and 2 Sound Graduate, Certified Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified in Usui Reiki 1 and 2, MBSR Educated through the University of San Diego Health, Certified in Embodied Activism (somatics), Sacred Woman Graduate - Ascending in the Gateway of Nut

Heather Anderson

Heather began studying holistic therapies in 2020 and has over 800 combined hours of certified professional training in meditation, sound healing, Usui Reiki, ceremonial Cacao facilitation, and breathwork. She brings an authentic, heart-centered approach to the various modalities that she works with. Her unique way of balancing science and spirituality allows her teachings to resonate with a broad audience. As a self-proclaimed nervous system nerd, Heather enjoys teaching others how holistic wellness helps to rebalance our bodies from a functional perspective.

Heather has proudly partnered with various organizations with the common mission of helping people slow down, relax, and reset. She is a highly sought after practitioner and healer in the DFW metroplex working with everyone from educators within Dallas ISD, to hairdressers and other creatives, to corporate teams and executives.

Outside of wellness, Heather enjoys traveling and exploring the world, personal development, charcuterie boards, spa days, fitness, and spending time with her partner, Jonathan and their rescue dogs, Rosie and Coco.

Instructor @BreatheMeditationandWellness

Sound Practitioner, Gong Level 1, 2 and 3
200-hour Certified Meditation Teacher
400-hour Certified Breathwork Facilitator
Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Cacao Facilitator