Emily Orson

RMT 200

We asked Emily...

What reminds you to breathe? My kids, being in nature, my ultimate desire to come home to true self

Most loved Dallas Spot? White Rock Lake, Summit Climbing Gym, TruFusion Fitness Studio, Favor The Kind, the floral section at Trader Joe’s 

Most admired character trait: Overcoming fear, intuitiveness, acceptance

Source of Inspiration: Nature! Give me oceans, mountains, rivers, deserts, forests...anything nature.

Most Repeated Intention: “You Already Are”...everything we tend to reach outside ourselves for is already within us... it’s not about “becoming”, it’s about uncovering the beautiful,infinite masterpiece that we already are.

Dusk or Dawn: Both! Sunrise or sunset... can’t go wrong either way.

I teach because: My path led me here to this moment, this place, this opportunity. I believe nothing is a coincidence. So I walk forward trusting in the magic, sharing this earth experience with you, and collectively we uncover the mystery, beauty, and truth that lie within.