Zoya Flow

RMT 200, Reiki Level 1

Registered Meditation Teacher, Reiki Level 1

We asked Zoya...

What reminds you to breathe? I want to be mindful of who I Am and remain receptive to Universal direction

Most repeated intention? One thing at a time… one thing at a time

Indulgence? Embracing the hardcore introvert side of me and disconnecting into LaLa land AKA, my home

Most Admired Character trait? Open-mindedness

Source of inspiration? My incredible, intuitive, and Loving children!

Favorite Cuisine? Ooh, tough one. I’m a foodie but I’ll say Indian.

Why do you teach? I teach because others have been generous in teaching me. As such, it gives me great Joy to learn from my students, guide them into connecting with their True Selves, and realize their innate abilities and knowledge. Thank you for the opportunity to do so.

Classes Zoya Offers


Mindfulness Meditation

Trainings, Certifications & Workshops

When one teaches, two learn.

  • 200-Hour Meditation Teacher Training
  • Reiki Level 1
  • Metaphysical Divination and Healing