Ella Leupold

RMT 200

Registered Meditation Teacher, Cycle & Sculpt Instructor

We asked Ella...

What reminds you to breathe? Life reminds me to breathe. When I feel my heart begin to race and my mind follow suit, I use the breath as a tool to bring me back into my body. Ultimately, I use the breath to remind myself that I am always at home in my body.

Most loved Dallas spot? Juiceland, White Rock Lake, Class Studios, anywhere I can bring my dog, Bear.

Indulgence? Drunken noodles, podcast walks at White Rock Lake, any dairy-free ice cream, taking workout classes around Dallas (forever being a student)

Most repeated intention? I am softening, I am opening, I am love.

Source of inspiration? I’m constantly digesting either a podcast or an audiobook and those are constantly inspiring me to expand my knowledge and consciousness.

Most admired character trait? Honesty, humility, vulnerability, courage

Why do you teach? I teach because it allows me to heal alongside people that support me energetically every day. Teaching makes me feel as though I am truly living in my purpose by sharing my heart and giving others permission to open theirs as well. I teach to share concepts and lessons that have impacted my healing journey.

Fun Fact

Ella is also a lululemon ambassador! Go see her picture up at the Knox location.

Trainings, Certifications & Workshops

When one teaches, two learn.

  • 200-Hour Meditation Teacher Training