Kristin Goss

RMT 300, RYT 200

Registered Meditation Instructor, Registered Yoga Teacher

We asked Kristin...

What reminds you to breathe? Nature. Nature reminds me to breathe. It allows me to take a moment to pause, catch my intentional breath, and reconnect. When I feel my mind getting too far in the past or too far down the road, I try to reconnect with nature, its rhythms and the
natural rhythms of breath.

Most repeated intention? Take in nature and don’t forget to look up or view it all from a different angle. General intentions to lead with compassion, kindness and the power of play.

Indulgence? Tacos, amateur photography, unplugging with pups and friends.

Most admired character trait? Humor, kindness, compassion

Favorite food? Thai and Tex-Mex

What is your walk up song? Any latest Indie pop song that gets me moving.

Why do you teach? I love to share my passion for the practice. I enjoy
spreading the love and joy in hopes it helps others in some way to help live a happier and more pleasant life.

More about Kristin

Kristin offers mindfulness and yoga nidra classes and leads retreats locally and internationally. Her work extends to animals and her creativity has sparked her to create goodies for your meditation practice, zen room and even your four legged babies. 

Trainings, Certifications & Workshops

When one teaches, two learn.

  • 300hr Certified Meditation Teacher Training
  • 200hr RYT Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • 300 hour RYT in Multi-Style Yoga + Meditation Rishikesh, India
  • General + Advanced Medical Thai Masseuse, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Reiki, Level 1