Jacquelyn Maitland

RMT 200

We asked Jacquelyn...

What reminds you to breathe: When I notice a change in my heart rate or feel an "unwanted" emotion arise and want to take over. When I notice I am overwhelmed, I can immediately go to my breathing to bring me back home-to the present moment. My breath is the one that settles the dust.

Most repeated intention: "I am loving awareness" be kind to yourself & others, exude everything you want the world to receive-compassion, love and kindness

Indulgence: Raspberry chocolate anything, skincare products, bath rituals, books, cheese boards

Source of inspiration: The universe that lives in me. My intuition often tells me that my ONLY job here is to spread kindness, love and compassion to all. To leave this world a little better and brighter than when I entered it.
The many people who are authentically living out their truth while benefiting the Greater good.

Favorite movie: Too hard to answer but probably Sandlot

My walk up song: Hot Line Bling by Drake hahaha!

I teach because: I want to help others. I want to teach them how to unlearn old habits and false beliefs of their pasts and how to become masters of the mind. I want others to be aware and experience the beauty of self-healing and the power of the mind-body connection. I teach because our world is in need, the knowledge and passion I possess does not benefit the world if I keep it to myself.