Emily Ortiz

RMT 200, RYT 200

Registered Meditation Teacher, Registered Yoga Teacher

We asked Emily...

What reminds you to breathe? Both the hard and wonderful things in life. Anything that allows me to be present and know that nothing else matters but my breath at this exact moment. 

Favorite movie? The Shining, Pulp Fiction

Most repeated intention? Everything I do, I do with love.

Indulgence? Vegan icecream

Most admired character trait? humor, love, compassion, kindness and grace

Dusk or Dawn? The older I get the more I love dawn. Being able to see the first light of day and start each morning is a gift. 

Why do you teach? I love being able to share the things I've learned on my own journey with others and to help them see their own individual, unique light. 




Trainings, Certifications & Workshops

When one teaches, two learn.

  • 200-Hour Meditation Teacher Training
  • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training