Chloe Brown

RMT 300, RYT 200

Registered Meditation Instructor, Registered Yoga Teacher

We asked Chloe...

What reminds you to breathe?  A mindfulness practice which has allowed me to create more space between the stimuli of the outside world and my inner dialogue. This space creates more time to process thoughts and emotions before the reaction. It has changed me for the better in every aspect of my life.

Most repeated intention? To release gripping, wanting, or striving in order to have more presence and appreciation in the moment.

Indulgence? Massages!!! Dried Mango, Fried Chicken

Source of inspiration? Nature and animals

Favorite Movie? Thirteen Going on Thirty

What is your walk-up song is? Anything Taylor Swift

Why do you teach? I want to inspire others to remove the obstacles they themselves have built in order to reveal the person they want to be, the person that they’ve always been underneath it all.


Trainings, Certifications & Workshops

When one teaches, two learn.

  • 300 Hour Meditation Teacher Training
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training