Emily Dewberry


Certified Breath-work Facilitator

We asked Emily...

What reminds you to breathe? To connect back into my body and removing the thoughts from my mind that aren't serving me and others around me.

Most loved Dallas spot? La La Land Kind Cafe

Most repeated intention? Keep moving forward. It's God's plan, not my plan.

Source of inspiration? My friends, my teachers and mentors, books I read, and nature.

Most admired character trait? Loving, Kind, Compassionate and Caring

Dusk or dawn?: Dusk - I'm a night owl by birth and there's nothing better seeing the sun set after a full day.

Why do you teach? It's important for me to share what I've learned throughout my experiences to help others with theirs. We are all in this human experience together to create a community of love that can give back where they can.

Emily's Breath-work Offerings

Two Part Conscious Connected Breath-work

Two Part Conscious Connected Breath-work, also known as two part breath is an intentional breath pattern of separating the inhale into two distinct inhales and one exhale out. This type of breath-work is typically practiced in and out through the mouth with no pausing between the inhale and exhale, creating a continuous circular breathing pattern. This diaphragmatic breathing exercise uses an active inhale into the belly, relaxed expansion into the chest, and a relaxed exhale out of the body.

Popularized in the early 70s, this practice causes a shift in our physiology allowing you to tap deeper into your consciousness. Conscious Connected Breathing allows you to tap into a deeper connection with yourself and allows a groundwork for healing and personal development.

This benefits of the practice include detoxifying the body and stretching the immune system, increased energy, calms the nervous system, releases muscle tension, improves the digestive system, the circulatory system, improves emotional wellbeing, and aids in reaching a higher state of awareness. Many popular techniques like Rebirthing, Holotropic, Shamanic, Clarity Breath-work, and more fall under this category of breath-work.

Pranayama Breath-work

Pranayama Breath-work is one of the eight branches of yoga. ‘Prana’ meaning life force or vital energy and ‘yama’ meaning extending or stretch bringing together these two origin words translate to the extension or control of the breath. In this practice there are many techniques that control the timing, duration, and frequency of your breath and its retention. The goal of any pranayama practice is to continue to build the connection between the body and the mind by using your breath.

This centuries old practice promotes not only relaxation and mindfulness but scientifically it has proven to help support your overall physical and mental health. Many of the health benefits of a consist pranayama practice include increased lung function, lowered blood pressure, increased brain function, improve mindfulness, decreases overall stress and anxiety, improves quality of sleep, removing toxins and stagnant energy in the body, and more.

Trainings, Certifications & Workshops

When one teaches, two learn.

  • 200-hour Meditation Teacher Training
  • Academy of Breath
  • Jon Paul Crimi
  • Holy Fire Reiki Master
  • Frequency Breathwork