Bree Webb

RMT 200

Registered Meditation Teacher, Kids Meditation Instructor

We asked Bree...

What reminds you to breathe? To show up and experience the present moment more fully.

Most loved Dallas spot? White Rock Lake

Most repeated intention? Do less to BE more.

Source of inspiration? A child’s curiosity and the vastness of the ocean

Most admired character trait? Kindness

Dusk or dawn?: I value the tranquility and stillness in both!

Why do you teach? Because the breath has an incredible value to our own personal wellbeing. There is magic in sharing knowledge and experience that empowers others.

More about Bree

Brianna is dedicated to make life better for children by offering age-appropriate mindfulness lessons to children and teens. A Texas certified teacher and 200 hr. meditation teacher, Brianna has experience working with Dallas Independent School District, Uplift Education Charter and in the private school sector.  As a full time classroom teacher, she noticed the pressure on children as young as 4 to perform academically which led to increased stress and behavioral issues in and out of the classroom.  After implementing mindfulness techniques with her own students, behavioral issues were reduced, children were empowered to regulate their own emotions and communication became more effective.  She was nominated for Teacher of Year for the strong emphasis of social emotional skills which led to academic achievement among her students. Brianna continues to share these tools as an outside facilitator to schools and in private sessions.  When Brianna is not working with children she loves to spend time with her dog Charlie.

Trainings, Certifications & Workshops

When one teaches, two learn.

  • 200-hour Meditation Teacher Training
  • Trauma Informed Yoga Training
  • Mindful Schools Curriculum Training
  • Texas Certified Teacher