Ana Jones

RMT 200, RYT 200

Registered Meditation Teacher

We asked Ana...

What reminds you to breathe?  I want to be more present, I want to feel
focused, calm, grounded, it promotes peace, it creates space, it makes me better at life, it makes me a better
human and allows me to connect with others without judgement.

Most loved Dallas spot: Katy Trail, Magnolias Sous Le Pont Coffee Shop, The streets of downtown Dallas, Revelers Hall in OC, Tribal All Day Café

Indulgence: Chocolate, Ice cream, Napping

Source of inspiration: My family, friends and virtual mentors such as Brené Brown, Byron Katie and Tony Robbins (just to name a few)

My Walk-Up Song: Let’s Get Loud by J-Lo

Dogs or Cats: Whoever is nicest

I teach because: I love the feeling before, during and after the meditation. This practice has brought so much beauty and peace into my life that sharing it has become such a joy!