Sound Training Certification

June 22nd + 23rd, 10:00-6:00PM


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with Danielle Goldfarb

Join us for our first ever, 16-Hour Sound Training Certification with Danielle Goldfarb. This Austin native will bring you a highly experiential training with several dedicated hours of practice on multiple Gongs, crystal bowls and more. You will have the opportunity to learn an entire intentional sequence to guide others through your very own sound bath. This program is designed to be incredibly cathartic and healing as students receive as much sound as they will be giving.

The intention and focus is to practice deep, embodied listening. We track our own bodies, attuning to the energy of the room and ourselves. We find our own voices, learning to lead with dignity while staying in our humility. We will learn how to feel comfortable taking up a lot of space, bringing ourselves into the room.

Each participant leads a sound bath at the end of the training, putting into practice all of the skills and nuances they’ve learned throughout the weekend. While we will cover many technical aspects of learning these instruments, this training is set up to be a deeply healing and personal experience for all involved, activating the healer within.

This Certification Includes:

-Practicing + Embodying Skills of Facilitation to Guide Others Through Transformation

-How to Hold Space + Create Safe Containers for Others

-How to Help Others + Yourself Feel Profoundly Better

-Finding Your Own Voice to Lead Others + How to Take Up Space

-Learning an Entire Sequence of Multiple Sounds to Guide Others Through

-How to Master the Crystal Bowls + Their Healing Properties

-Techniques and Application of Striking Multiple Planetary Tuned Gongs

-Science Behind Sound Healing

-Practice with Other Instruments to Include in Your Sound Healing Practice

- Your own practitioner manual

No prior experience or instruments are required. Each student will have their own set of crystal bowls to practice with that will be available for purchase at the end of training.

A certificate of completion will be given after the training and can count towards Yoga Alliance’s Continuing Education.

Support continues after the training and students can schedule a 30-minute call to discuss how best to begin their particular sound healing journey.

Whether you’re looking to simply learn about sound healing, how to incorporate it into your offerings, or if you have the ambition to begin hosting your own sound baths, we invite you to join us for a weekend full of high vibration, learning and FUN.

Danielle has facilitated hundreds of sound journeys and has trained over 150 sound healers across the United States to lead powerful experiences in their respective communities.
This training is focused on teaching students how to lead masterfully, holding space for themselves and their students while simultaneously providing a transformative, healing experience.

This training is limited to 8 participants. Join us for your next level of learning, embodiment, fun and high vibration.


June 22nd and 23rd
10:00 - 6:00PM