Understanding Sound Meditation + Sound Bath

Saturday, October 30th - 2:00-4:00pm



Today, singing bowls, gongs, drums and many other forms of instruments are frequently welcomed into meditation and healing practices for their ability to deepen the meditative experience and aid in producing healing effects within the body. Research from the Journal of Evidenced-Based Integrative Medicine examined the effects of sound meditation using singing bowls and showed that one hour of sound meditation produced a reduction in anxiety, fatigue, depression, tension and anger, while elevating a sense of spiritual well-being. Join us as we examine new research revealing how sound affects our psychological and physiological experience. We'll discuss how the power of relaxation works to liberate the imagination and expand the capacities of the consciousness. Along the way you will be presented with evidence unfolding the ancient roots of sound meditation, a visual demonstration of the unique energetic signature that different acoustic tools produce, and a deeply relaxing hour sound bath to fully experience what we learn. This class will benefit the novice meditator with a stronger awareness of the power behind meditative practices, and it will provide the expert practitioner a deeper perspective on ways to inform and communicate about their craft.

During this offering we'll inspire curiosity and intrigue with an engaging discussion and demonstration followed by a deep relaxation, sound bath. Our discussion topics will explore the questions of:

What exactly is sound energy?
Where did singing bowls come from?
Why does sound work as a healing practice?
How can I identify and understand the frequencies of an instrument?
What techniques and tools are useful in working with singing bowls?

Dress comfortably and feel free to bring a notepad or journal to make any notes or reflections you feel attuned to. Attendees are also welcome to bring a companion bowl for a basic frequency analysis.


Saturday, October 30th - 2:00-4:00PM