Tarot Reading

30 or 60 Minutes

$80/ $150


About Tarot:

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that have a misleading history. The history of tarot begins before the 15th century in Italy as one of the first organized card games to exist. The game originated as a storytelling game for the wealthy and became the origin of all card games, including poker and bridge. As the popularity of tarot spread throughout Europe, French occultist gave tarot their occultist name brand claiming that the cards originated from gypsies claiming that tarot can predict the future. This claim we now know is false. 

Over the centuries it was found that original tarot card illustrations had a connection to Hebrew letters, Kabbalah, the planets, elements of nature, zodiac signs, and Christian symbolism and archetypes which bring the mystical element of the tarot together. Tarot is a tool for self discovery, acceptance, and inner wisdom to reach the path you are meant to be on. It is a mirror, a deck of 78 cards that tell the story of our life and is meant to help us tap into the awareness that live within.

What Happens During A Session: 

Breathe’s Intuitive Tarot Reader will begin each session with a brief breath-work practice to ground down the surrounding energies within your body and mind, and set an intention for the reading. We recommend that you come into each session with at least 2-3 questions that you would like clarification or guidance on in order to set the energy of the cards. These questions can be associated with anything that you’d like from relationships, family, career, health, and more. 

Each session will be different as each reading is intuitively lead by the conversation that arise during the session. There will be an open conversation with you as the cards are shuffled and drawn from the deck to discuss the energy behind the questions you have asked.