Personal Mantra

$485 / Two Private Sessions

This silent sound meditation technique is based on primordial sounds. This mantra practice helps you focus and makes dropping in and a developing a personal meditation practice easy. Think of it similar to Transcendental Meditation (TM) but personalized on your birth.

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Reveal Your Personalized Mantra

Learn your unique mantra based on the date, time and location of your birth. It is believed in the Vedic tradition that the earth has a specific vibration (sound) at every moment and now you can discover what this sound was when you entered the world. 

Experience Vedic meditation in two private sessions. The first 60-minute meeting unveils your personal mantra, explains where it came from, how it works and how to integrate it into your current meditation practice or use it as your primary practice. A 60-minute follow up answers questions, allows for a discussion around experiences/expectations that might arise and introduces the four soul questions to aid in your journey of self-discovery. Both sessions include a meditation practice with Stacey Cook.

Stacey considers learning to meditate a priceless gift. She is grateful for the journey it’s taken her on and to the many wise teachers and inspiring mentors she has met along the way. Certified as a Chopra Center Meditation Instructor, she has learned the benefits and various techniques and practices. She is currently enrolled in the American Institute of Vedic Studies, offers Dog Meditation and enjoys sharing this transformative knowledge with others.