Private Breath-work Session

Prices Vary Per Practitioner (Call for Pricing)

60-120 Minutes


Rebirthing Breath-work Therapy (RBT), utilizes the art and science of breath awareness for enhancing the human experience.  RBT was created by Leonard Orr with Rebirthing Breath-work International, and draws upon the practice of 'Conscious Connected Circular Breathing'.  This is where a person breathes continuously, connecting the inhale to the exhale in a rhythmical pattern with no spaces or retentions in between.

RBT was designed to allow an individual the time and space to process emotions, transcend the weight of these emotions and therefore reach greater peace within.  In a session, you will be guided while laying down to perform a specific pattern of breath for at least 1 full hour allowing your nervous system to go through a process called down-regulation.  As the nervous system down-regulates your mind and body will more efficiently experience unresolved energy stored in the unconscious psyche and held within the physical body.  As the emotional energy surfaces in this relaxed state, it can begin to metabolize and process out of the holding pattern.  This creates a deep release of stored energy in addition to bodily detoxification of the blood and lymphatic fluid.  All systems of the body become enhanced and a profound feeling of relief and clarity replaces the unconscious tension that was once present. 


All sessions will begin with a check-in with your Breath-work coach, Emily Ashley, where you will discuss what aspect of your healing you will be working on in the session.  Emily will teach you how to perform the CCC Breathing pattern.  You will then transition to lay on your back and be guided toward relaxing the body and mind, similar to a mediation practice. Once your body is relaxed you will be guided to begin the breathing pattern.  

As you practice the breathing pattern a number of things can occur as a result of your body processing out emotion. Physical sensations begin ranging from lightheadedness, tingling, numbness, heat or chill.  All of these are normal and pass as the body gets used to the increase of oxygen supply.  

As the nervous system shifts deeper out of the sympathetic state (fight or flight mode) into the parasympathetic state (rest and digest mode) the individual begins to feel deeper emotions.  They might feel the urge to cry or laugh for no reason, and sometimes even yell.  This is all part of healing the unresolved emotions lingering within the psyche. In the session you will be encouraged to freely express the emotion that's arising.

Emily holds these sessions with an intuitive and individually tailored way.  Sessions may include the following: shamanic drumming, essential oils, healing touch, tapping, music or silence, use of affirmations, guidance into particular memories, movement, stretching, chakra clearing, pendulum work, asana holds, and/or verbal explorations. 


As a Breath-work Practitioner, Counselor, Coach and Ceremonialist, Emily Ashley holds spaces for seekers to experience integrated learning and healing at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. She draws upon her own living wisdom in exploring the depth of inner realms to assist clients in navigating through difficult emotions, physical sensations and thoughts with safety, support, and ease.  Emily holds a Master’s of Divinity and has studied and taught Metaphysics & Spirituality extensively since 2007. She is certified as a Psi Counselor, Dream Coach, Metaphysics Teacher, Rebirthing Breath-work Therapist and Yoga Teacher.  Her extensive training in healing modalities, including Authentic Relating Leadership, Emotional Freedom Technique, Circling, Mindfulness Meditation, Somatic Movement Practices, Hands-on-Healing, and Reiki, allows her to create containers tailored uniquely to her clients and students' healing journeys. As a body-centered therapist, spirit-centered teacher and ally to personal growth, she integrates mind, body and spirit as part of the (w)holistic healing process.


  • Quiets mind chatter and develops greater focus
  • Rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit
  • Detoxifies your blood and lymphatic system, therefore boosting your immunity
  • Safe space to feel your emotions and process them
  • Healing for emotional pain and trauma
  • Down-regulates the nervous system, allowing for deep relaxation and calm
  • Spiritually enhancing
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Helps overcome addictions
  • Reduces stress and anxiety levels
  • Increases positive outlook
  • Decreases negative perceptions and negative self-esteem
  • Aids in personal confidence
  • Enhances decision making abilities
  • Allows for deeper self-compassion
  • Helps release negative experience from the past