Sacred Sunday

Sunday, December 10th, 9:30-10:30AM



Sacred Sunday’s are a space for participants to unplug from the mundane and encounter the inherent immanence of their sacred nature. In the routine of our daily lives, it’s easy to become stagnant energetically, spiritually, mentally, and physically– this workshop will help remove the
barriers to your most inspired self.

In this space, you will experience your inner voice, guidance and inspiration to breathe fresh energy into daily life. In connection and community with one another, we have an opportunity to exercise our voices, share in life’s challenges and joys, and connect to the Divine sacredness both within ourselves and in relation to the greater whole.

Participants will have the choice to share through speaking in order to exercise using their voice with more courage and clarity. We will utilize the power of collaboration and participatory community to engage in rituals that will work with nature’s elements, lunar cycles, raising social consciousness, and self-awareness.

Audah will be taking you through a powerful healing experience which could include:

- Energetic Purification & Cleansing
- Mantras
- Ritual
- Inclusive community setting
- Connecting to the Sacred & Divine
- Consciousness-raising discussion
- Connecting with elements
- Reiki
- Meditation
- Journal Exercise & prompt
- Embodiment and movement practices

What you will receive:
- Deep Energetic and Aura Cleansing
- Writing Ritual to amplify your inspirational and intuitive voice
- Group Support
- A sense of group connection and belonging through collaborative healing
- A space to exercise your courage and voice
- Experiential embodiment
- Opening and clearing chakra centers
- Hands-on-Healing/Reiki
- Ceremony

Sunday, December 10th