The Ritual of Self Care

Learn beauty tips and tricks from a holistic perspective.

Understand a little bit about the skin and how it works, as well as discover ways to help your body detoxify by way of our largest organ (our skin).


Join our very own, Jenn Hill (aka. ZENJENN) as she guides you through this workshop all about the Ritual of Self Care. During this workshop you will learn:

* Key toxic ingredients to know when purchasing beauty products and why to avoid them
* Understand how to turn your beauty/skincare routine into a meditative and enjoyable experience through wellness techniques and mindfulness practices
* Learn to set up your bathroom to become your own personal sanctuary
* Make your own face serum tailored to your skin's needs with the guidance of Jenn and her                     knowledge in all things herbalism, skincare and plant medicine.

August 1st, 1:00PM - 3:00PM
Price: $85